Universal visitation law of human mobility
Large datasets of human movement uncover a simple law between the distance people travel to locations and the number of revisits to that location. News articles at Nature, Cosmos, Newswise, University of Copenhagan, Gamachar Central, Science daily, Opera news, Phys Org, My droll, MIT news, Nature asia, and ScienMag.

The sensing power of vehicle fleets
Can we use taxis to monitor urban enviroments? See this Cornell news article, this MIT news article, this FastCompany article, and this Architects Newpaper article.

Pulse-coupled oscillators
Heart cells, sensor networks, and earthquakes get in sync by firing sudden pulses. What does the “route to synchrony” look like? See here.

Fireflies can sync. Fish can swarm – what can both sync and swarm? Articles at Phys Org, SIAM news, Science daily, TGD schools, Tech explore.